Call for Speakers and Presenters

Call for Speakers and Presenters

VPPPA REGION 1 Conference & Exposition
May 7 – 9, 2018

Sea Crest Beach Hotel
North Falmouth, MA (Cape Cod)

Conference Planning is underway for the 2018 VPPPA (Voluntary Protection Program Participant’s Association) Region 1 (New England) Conference and Exposition. The annual conference is the premier Safety and Health conference in New England focusing on OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program and VPP Excellence. We expect 300 attendees for this conference at beautiful Sea Crest Beach hotel on Cape Cod.

There are openings for speakers interested in sharing best practices at the 2018 Region 1 VPPPA Conference and Exposition. Pre-Conference workshops will be held on May 7. Keynote and/or breakout sessions (20 total) will be held on May 8 and on the morning of May 9.

If interested, please submit the application below by November 15, 2017 for review by the Region 1 Conference Planning Committee. The Conference Planning Committee is soliciting technically oriented, educating, and practical presentations that fulfill the needs of attendees from VPP sites and prospective VPP sites at all experience levels. The conference objective is to give attendees the opportunity to:
• Build upon their skills and knowledge through education, networking, and sharing of VPP best practices.
• Learn about practical accident prevention solutions and continuous improvement examples.
• Learn more about VPPPA and expand their network of OSHA and VPP program contacts.
Best practices identified by OSHA VPP certification auditors on site audits are excellent practices to share.

If you are interested or know of someone who might be a presenter at the conference, or if you have questions about preparing a proposal, topics for a presentation or just to ask questions, please complete the form below and contact Jack Popp (, or at (413) 526-2491.

Speaker Materials to Be Submitted:

1. Application Form (see below).
2. Presentation Description. Provide a description in sufficient detail for evaluating the content of the presentation and assessing the interest level for attendees. List sources for your material if not original. List the learning outcomes you expect from attendees. Maximum length is three pages.
3. Biographical Data. For each speaker, include name, address, education, current position, certifications, designations, qualifications and relevant speaking experience. List any significant articles and publications in the last 3 years.
4. Professional References. List phone and email contact information for professional references. If you have not presented at this Conference before, include at least one person who can attest to your ability to make effective presentations.
5. Brochure Description. Provide a 50-word description of your presentation that can be used in the conference brochure and program (subject to editing).

Other Information:

Length of Presentation Session: 1 hour, including 10 minutes for questions.

Handouts: Speakers are expected to provide handouts and may be asked to provide electronic versions to the Conference Planning Committee prior to the Conference.

Honoraria: Speakers receive a registration discount (Speaker rate) for the conference. Travel, lodging, and expenses are the responsibility of the breakout session speakers.

VPPPA Region 1 Chapter Web site:

Call for Speakers Form – 2018 Region 1 Conference

Presenter(s) Name(s) and Professional Designations:

Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________________________

City: __________________________________________________ State: _______ ZIP: _______

Telephone: ______________________ Fax: _____________________ E-Mail: _______________

Member of VPPPA? Yes ___ No ___

Title of Proposed Presentation:

Primary Topic Area:


Level of Presentation: __Basic __Intermediate __Advanced

Audio Visual Needs: (Breakout Room will have a Projector and Screen. Microphone in larger rooms).
__ Flip Chart __Table Other: ________________________________________

Required Package:
􀂉 This completed form to:
􀂉 Presentation description (3 pages maximum)
􀂉 Biographical data
􀂉 Professional references
􀂉 Brochure description (50 words)

All applicants will be notified of the status of their proposals.
Thank You.

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